In CIASA, we offer safe products, providing those who consume the foodstuff we produce with health and well-being.

From the City of Rio Segundo, in the Province of Córdoba, our products reach different areas of the Country. We work for well-defined market segments, such as Supermarkets, Wholesalers and Pasta Factories.

We ensure that our Products Safety Policy is communicated to and understood, implemented and maintained by every member of the Company to conform with a Food Safety Management System, pursuant to FSSS 22000 [Food Safety System Certification 22000], applicable to the Pasta Industry.


  • We offer products of high-quality and safety that meet the needs of our customers and interested parties, which go through quality control at all process stages, thus promoting continuous improvement.
  • We apply a business strategy based on the development of customers who trust our Company with their brands and the manufacturing of their products, and customers from the food sector, through a relationship in which we share the concepts of cooperation and commitment to products quality and safety.
  • We direct our processes to prevent causes which may affect products safety, so as to ensure that products are manufactured in accordance with established standards, furthermore guaranteeing compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • We pay special attention to our staff, aligning their needs with the needs of the Company, favoring a pleasant working atmosphere, immersed in a culture based on the training for the development of skills linked to food safety and social commitment to the Company´s internal and external surroundings.
  • We are careful to keep in regular contact with our suppliers and other interested parties, in an eagerness to create a joint work, aiming for mutual growth and involvement, fostering communication both internally and externally.
  • Our Ethical Standard applies to:
    Labor relations, personal treatment and care.
    Environmental care and protection.
    Trustworthiness in business activities.
    Protection and ethical handling of our suppliers´, customers´ and our own confidential information.

This commitment is available to our entire staff and to the general public.

Board of Directors

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